Precautions against contamination of cosmetic products


At Incosal we take all the necessary precautions for the appropriate preservation of Benelica cosmetic products securing proper storage at the company’s premises as well as performing frequent microbiological tests. With these actions we ensure the elimination of contamination of the cosmetic products and are properly stored in the necessary special temperature conditions.

The consumer, from his part, should follow the rules of hygiene of cosmetic products in order to prevent and limit the growth of microorganisms that are brought in by the consumer himself during the use of the products.


The consumer should:

  • Open and use cosmetics with clean hands and on a clean face.
  • Do not use another person’s cream or makeup products.
  • Store cosmetics either at low temperature or in the refrigerator, especially during the summer when temperatures are high.
  • Observe the expiration date of the product, after opening the package.