Benelica Slimming System
Benelica Slimming System Revitalizing Lotion
Benelica Slimming System Freeze Gel
A unique and innovative combination for immediate skin regeneration and tightening. Effectively reduces cellulite, firms slack skin, restores the glow and level of skin hydration to their natural state.


ΔΡΑΣΤΙΚΑ ΣΥΣΤΑΤΙΚΑ Enzymatic Revitalizing Lotion: snail secretion, natural enzymes, panthenol, aloe, moisturizing factors.

Body Anticellulite Freeze Gel: snail secretion, active caffeine, ivy extract, wild chestnut.

ΔΡΑΣΗ Enzymatic Revitalizing Lotion:

  • Natural exfoliation of the skin with enzymes
  • Regeneration of cells
  • Prolonged hydration

Body Anticellulite Freeze Gel:

  • Radical reduction of cellulite
  • Increase in skin elasticity
  • Reconstruction and tightening of the skin
  • Unique freezing and firming feel
ΧΡΗΣΗ Enzymatic Revitalizing Lotion: After cleaning the area, apply the Enzymatic Revitalizing Lotion to the body. Leave it to act for at least 3 minutes. Apply the Gel (Body Anticellulite Freeze Gel) twice daily to the buttocks or area you desire (hands, legs) massaging gently until fully absorbed.

Body Anticellulite Freeze Gel: Apply the Gel twice a day to the  buttocks or other desired areas of the body, massaging gently and after having already applied to the area the special enzymatic Revitalizing Lotion.


TYPES OF SKIN Suitable for all skin types with slack skin and cellulite.