Benelica Renewal Treatment
Benelica Renewal Treatment Out
Unique and pioneering combination for immediate regeneration and anti-aging effect on the skin. Eliminates snail wrinkles, improves skin texture and restores moisture levels to the natural condition of the skin, protecting against the damaging effects of the environment.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Renewal Enzymatic Lotion: snail secretion, papain, natural hydrating factors.

Renewal Snail Serum: snail secretion.

ACTION Renewal Enzymatic Lotion:

  • More effective peeling-desquamation and cleaning of the skin
  • Creates a molecular film which gives immediate and long lasting hydration
  • Protects against dryness and softens the skin
  • Restores hydration levels and maintains the natural action of the skin barrier
  • Enhances skin glow and renewal
  • Helps synergistically to the acne treatment

Renewal Snail Serum:

  • Strong anti-aging action
  • Revitalizing and brightening
USE Renewal Enzymatic Lotion: After cleansing the face, place daily 15 to 16 drops of the Benelica Renewal Enzymatic Lotion on the face and neck for at least 3 minutes. Immediately thereafter, the Benelica Renewal Snail Serum is placed on the face and neck with simple massage. Recommended to be used for intensive treatment for one month.

Renewal Snail Serum: Apply 7 to 8 drops to the face and neck, massaging lightly until fully absorbed. To be used after applying to the same area the Benelica Renewal Enzymatic Lotion of the series. The serum may also be used in combination with the anti-ageing cream of the series, for special treatment.

Recommended to be used for intensive treatment for one month.


QUANTITY Enzymatic Lotion 30ml & Snail Serum 12ml
TYPE OF SKIN Skin with fine lines and deep wrinkles
Sagging skin
Skin lacking brightness
Skin lacking firmness
Skin lacking muscle tone
With Acne