Incosal S.A. is distinguished for the quality of its cosmetic products which have been researched and designed by the company’s Research and Development Department, and have been produced in accordance with the regulations of EOF and EU.

Furthermore, Benelica cosmetic products have been tested for their safety at the University Dermatology Hospital “Andreas Sygros”. They do not contain Parabens and are microbiologically tested and certified.

The results of using Benelica products are noticeable on the skin within the first 20 days. The combination of the secretion with the newest active molecules, deeply moisturizes the skin, increases the production of collagen, elastin improves skin density, tightens the skin, reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles and skin regains its lost elasticity.

Benelica Pro

The company Incosal S.A. is the only company that offers to selected professional premises (Institutes, Spa Centers, Wellness Centers), treatment with snail secretion – Benelica pro. The natural collagen from the snail secretion and the newest active molecules are placed in a special way onto the skin, guaranteeing their unique effect.

The Professional series Benelica Pro is different from the retail series. The results of Benelica Pro can be seen from the first time you visit your Wellness Center. It is based on advanced therapy protocols designed and created by specialised scientists with extensive experience and expertise. What they have in common is that both use snail secretion. Our professional series is accompanied by a new 24-hour moisturizing cream Aqua Care All day Cream which reinforces and acts synergistically alongside treatment.


Clinical Studies of effectiveness of the active ingredients

  1. Percentage of surface occupied by collagen I (%): Increase of collagen type I of 179% in 11 days, by using cream with “Neodermyl” 0,5%, compared to placebo cream (company Induchem, ).
  2. Growth of epidermis skin bud: repairs the skin seven times more by using cream with “Erasyal” 2,5%, compared to placebo cream (
  3. Lifting effect (%): substantial increase in tightening “firming effect” after 30 min and 90 min, by using cream with 5% “Glycolift” (company Solabia,
  4. Reduction of wrinkles’ depth (% versus TO): reduction of the depth of wrinkles by 15%, using cream which contains “Neodermyl” 1% , compared to placebo cream (
  5. Skin firmness (%): Increase in elasticity at 35.9%, after 14 days using cream with 5% “Unitamuron H-22”, compared to placebo cream (company Induchem,
  6. Skin hydration (%): Increase of hydration of 18.9%, after 14 days using cream with 5% “Unitamuron H-22”, compared to placebo cream (company Induchem,