Facial treatment before bed

  The skin care before bed is necessary because during the night sleep the skin naturally receives all the nutrition it needs for its regeneration and rejuvenation. Therefore, the following steps are necessary: FACE CLEANING Our skin must be cleansed every night before bed with special suitable cosmetics. Benelica Cleansing Milk separates itself from other […]

Why is snail secretion effective for anti-aging?


  Snail secretion is widespread for its beneficial properties from antiquity to the present day. Hippocrates believed that snail secretion heals and treats irritations, moisturizes the skin and with frequent use, the skin becomes more radiant and luminous. Pliny believed that snail secretions could contribute to burns and other wounds. In ancient times, snail secretions […]

How can you properly clean your face to avoid the creation of acne from the masks?

cleaning products

  Due to the pandemic, the daily and long-term use of a protective mask is required and the transfer of droplets is avoided and thus greater protection is achieved. Also a reduction of the transmissibility of the germs is accomplished. However, due to the sweating that occurs during the day, many people have experienced irritation, […]

Does the sun cause photoaging?

  Sunlight has a positive and negative effect on the human body, as sunlight consists of a series of rays of different wavelengths with different effects, especially on the skin. Positive effects of ultraviolet radiation Converts provitamin D3 found in the skin into vitamin D. This vitamin regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. Reduces […]

Can creams fight cellulite?


  Cellulite is a disorder of the normal function of connective tissue, which is shown by the accumulation of toxins, increased fat and insufficient blood and lymph circulation. The factors that cause cellulite can be: Hormonal factors: metabolic, nervous as well as from hypothyroidism. Exogenous factors: tight clothing, corsets that block circulation and stop the […]

How will you moisturize your hands after using antiseptics?

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  Nowadays, mainly due to the pandemic, it is necessary to protect our skin from the growth of microorganisms and germs. This requires frequent use of antiseptics. With antiseptics, the existing germs are fought and killed. However, due to the frequent use of antiseptics, dehydration, irritation and dryness often occur, mainly in the area of […]