Why is snail secretion a novelty for anti-aging?

Κρέμα σαλιγκαριού

  Snail caviar is miraculous, because it regenerates the skin, restores its firmness and is distiguishes for its strong anti-aging and antioxidant action. This is because the substances it contains are very rich, with a high concentration of proteins, unsaturated and fatty acids, vitamins A-D-E-B, folic acid, amino acids and minerals. For the first time, […]

Welcome the New Ambassador of Benelica cosmetics

  With great honor and pleasure we announce the beginning of our collaboration with Panagiota Vlanti as Brand Ambassador of Benelica cosmetic products. Panagiota Vlanti has been recognized for her excellent career as an actress. This collaboration is a milestone for us, as Panagiota Vlanti represents the symbol of timeless and natural beauty. She stands […]

The logo and brand name of Benelica cosmetics

Benelica Cosmetics have been inspired by the ancient Greek symbol of life, the helix, the spiral of life. The spiral is one of the most ancient symbols of ancient Hellenism. The swirl created by the spiralling motion symbolizes the beginning of life. The spiralling motion is everywhere in the nature, from galaxies to the orbit […]