Welcome the New Ambassador of Benelica cosmetics


With great honor and pleasure we announce the beginning of our collaboration with Panagiota Vlanti as Brand Ambassador of Benelica cosmetic products. Panagiota Vlanti has been recognized for her excellent career as an actress. This collaboration is a milestone for us, as Panagiota Vlanti represents the symbol of timeless and natural beauty. She stands out for her dynamic career and she is a symbol of inspiration for the Greek woman / for all women.

Panagiota Vlanti presents Benelica cosmetic products of Incosal, which are based on the combination of snail secretion and newer active ingredients. They are Greek innovative cosmetics, new in the field of beauty, which are distinguished for their effectiveness and the fight against aging.

The persistence, integrity, quality, knowledge, professionalism and efficiency of our products, as well as the values ​​that govern our company inspired Panagiota Vlanti to become an assistant in our effort and a companion in our next steps.

Panagiota Vlanti states that “It is my honor to represent the Greek company Incosal. Before the start of our collaboration, I admired the persistence and vision of the company, but mostly I was enchanted by the result of Benelica cosmetics. The changes in my skin were visible from the first moment I used them and I wanted to share this with the world. Benelica cosmetics are specialized and specially designed for anti-aging and skin regeneration. The company Incosal is innovative in the composition of the products and brings the desired result without taking away the life of the snails. On the contrary, it gives life to its products and regenerates our skin! It is my pleasure to be part of this team and to be able to pass on its work “.