The logo and brand name of Benelica cosmetics

Benelica Cosmetics have been inspired by the ancient Greek symbol of life, the helix, the spiral of life. The spiral is one of the most ancient symbols of ancient Hellenism. The swirl created by the spiralling motion symbolizes the beginning of life. The spiralling motion is everywhere in the nature, from galaxies to the orbit of the earth!


The spiral is the pre-eminent symbol for the beneficial vital force and the rebirth! For all of us, at Incosal, the Snails are the absolute symbol of renaissance, since they come alive, after their hibernation, and they offer us their snail secretion which is rich in beneficial active ingredients.


The brand name of Benelica Cosmetics derives from the words “Beneficial” and “Elica” (which comes from the “Snail Helix”) and “they came from life…to give life…”! Benelica Cosmetics give life to our skin thanks to their special snail secretion which stands out for its regenerative and anti-ageing properties and which offers us vitality, shine and health to the skin!