How will you moisturize your hands after using antiseptics?

Hand Cream

  Nowadays, mainly due to the pandemic, it is necessary to protect our skin from the growth of microorganisms and germs. This requires frequent use of antiseptics. With antiseptics, the existing germs are fought and killed. However, due to the frequent use of antiseptics, dehydration, irritation and dryness often occur, mainly in the area of […]

Facial Cleansing

Face cleaning routine

  Cleansing our face is the most important part in the daily care of our skin. It should become a daily care routine which we should not neglect. Facial cleansing should be done twice a day, morning and night with the same meticulousness, because it is the first and basic step for proper skin care. […]

Precautions against contamination of cosmetic products

Μέτρα προφύλαξης

  At Incosal we take all the necessary precautions for the appropriate preservation of Benelica cosmetic products securing proper storage at the company’s premises as well as performing frequent microbiological tests. With these actions we ensure the elimination of contamination of the cosmetic products and are properly stored in the necessary special temperature conditions. The […]